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Looking beyond disability

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What do we do

At ENRYCH Berkshire we believe that someone with a disability should not be prevented from living the life they want to live.  That is why we work with individual people, regardless of their disability, to enable them to enjoy hobbies, interests and activities of their choosing, and to develop their skills and knowledge through learning opportunities.


Our History

ENRYCH started with one man’s vision – none other than Leonard Cheshire.

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I was lucky to be paired with a wonderful young person who gave me her time.  She listened and chatted making me feel like a normal person again. She gave me confidence to try going out and crossing roads which were terrifying for me. She helped me regain confidence to go out in public places. It was great to have someone to meet for coffee.  I had things to look forward to, a phone call made all the difference. 


Our Partners

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