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Members Seeking Volunteers

Members Looking for Volunteers! Can You Make a Difference?


Our volunteers support and enable people with a physical disability to take up, or return to, a hobby, interest, sporting activity or learning opportunity which they cannot do without some help or support. This support is mainly about giving confidence, understanding and emotional support to bring colour to our members’ lives.

Contact us to find out more (contact details at the bottom of the page).

Reading & West Berkshire Members Seeking Volunteers


We are looking for a Female volunteer for a female member in her 50's that uses a wheelchair. She would like somebody to help her go out and start enjoying life again and build her confidence. She would like to go out and visit places with a volunteer and go shopping.

Reference code:


Delightful female member who is struggling to go out due to hip and knee problems. Walks slowly with a stick but would need to link your arm too. Enable her to go out to the shops, local to her, and enjoy some independence.

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Upper Bucklebury

Very friendly visually impaired lady now requires a wheelchair. Volunteer to walk with her to the local coffee group - make friends and enjoy company. Lives Upper Bucklebury, West Berkshire

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Reading or West Berks

Bring new skills, knowledge and energy to our board of Trustees. Trustee meetings once a month in Reading Central Library or via zoom. Join a friendly team and share knowledge to help Enrych

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Female volunteer who can speak Urdu. Female member would love somebody to help push her in her wheelchair to her local park for fresh air and conversation. Her first language is Urdu, she has some understanding of English. Ideally a late morning any day of the week.

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Central Reading

Volunteer for visually impaired male wanting to go for walks and increase social activities. Enjoys pub quizzes and meals out of an evening

Reference code:


Female volunteer to enjoy fun chat and encourage a female member to go out for short walks. Needs support and confidence by linking arms with somebody and working on her walking and increasing distance and strength. Would suit somebody who can be positive to help minimise anxiety

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Central Reading

Lovely gentleman with Cerebral Palsy would appreciate a volunteer to take him out for fresh air. Spending time talking at his home too.

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