Reading University RAG – latest Jail Break News

What is Jailbreak?
Josh Hardy and Matt Gilpin are embarking on the Jailbreak challenge. They must try to travel as far away from the University of Reading as possible without spending any of their own money within the 36 hour time period on the 3rd and 4th of March 2018.

The Current Record
Last year one team managed to travel to Abu Dhabi – a flight of 3,500 miles!

Please click on their donate webpage to see the progress of the Jail Break and to donate sponsorship money to the two charities (including ENRYCH Berkshire) that RAG has selected for 2018.

Enrych Berkshire is looking for Trustees

Could you get involved with ENRYCH Berkshire?

We are always looking for new Trustees to join our Management Board. We are looking for people in particular who have either experience of or an interest in fundraising. Share your skills and enjoy being involved in our aim to put ‘Colour into the Lives’ of disabled and vulnerable people.

For further information please contact:
Martin Jeffery Tel: 07860 911822 Email:

Reading RAG and Enrych Berkshire!

Enrych Berkshire is thrilled to have been chosen, with one other charity, to be supported by the amazing University of Reading RAG committee. The RAG (Raise and Give) committee will be putting on fundraising events between September 2017—March 2018. Some examples of these are: – RAG Week 13-19th November, Strictly Come Dancing, Jail Break and a wonderful Naked Bodies Calendar!

Everyone involved with Enrych Berkshire is looking forward to assisting the RAG committee during the next 6 months. Whatever is raised from the fundraising will be an incredible bonus in allowing the charity to continue with its aim of putting ‘Colour into the Lives’ of disabled people.