ENRYCH Berkshire History

Work began in Berkshire with the establishment of the Reading Branch of Ryder Cheshire Volunteers in 2008.

Working in partnership with Reading Borough Council, the Branch began to assist disabled adults in Reading to access leisure and learning activities of their choice through a partnership with a like-minded RCV Volunteer.

In 2010 we established a further Project.  Again working with Reading Borough Council, with initial funding from the Department of Health, we set up a Register of Approved Personal Assistants, providing training and support to anyone wishing to become a Personal Assistant for someone with a disability.  These Approved PAs were matched with disabled clients referred to us by Reading Borough Council, and the Personal Assistant Matching Service (PAMS) was born.

In 2011 Ryder Cheshire Volunteers (Reading) changed its name in line with the national rebranding of RCV to ENRYCH, and ENRYCH Berkshire emerged.  Not only did this give us a whole new identity but enabled us to begin to expand our services outside of Reading and across the whole of the County of Berkshire.